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The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) offers postgraduate Certificate and Diploma qualifications in Veterinary Cardiology which can be achieved on a "self-study" basis.

Certificate in Veterinary Cardiology
The Certificate is the first level of postgraduate qualification awarded by the RCVS, and indicates that the holder is a competent clinician who has proved his/her experience and expertise in the chosen subject by examination. However, the RCVS Certificate is being phased out and no more candidates can enrol for this qualification. It is being replaced by the modular Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice. Further information is available from the
RCVS website

Diploma in Veterinary Cardiology
The Diploma is the second level of postgraduate qualification awarded by the RCVS, and indicates that the holder has achieved a high standard of academic and professional expertise in his/her chosen subject. Diplomates who are also available for referrals may apply for inclusion on the list of RCVS Recognised Specialists.

The Diploma should be attainable by all those who have gained the Certificate in Veterinary Cardiology. The RCVS requires that candidates can demonstrate at least five years of experience in veterinary cardiology, including 200 days spent in blocks of a minimum of one week at a time in an approved centre, and 10% of this time must be spent with less familiar species.

The examination itself is in three parts and includes

  • the submission of a dissertation or published papers, on which questions may be asked during the oral examination
  • a written examination
  • a clinical, oral and practical examination

Further information is available from the RCVS website

RCVS Recognised Specialists
A handful of individuals are registered with the RCVS as Specialists in Veterinary Cardiology. To be admitted to the List of Recognised Specialists, an individual must hold a RCVS Diploma, or equivalent postgraduate qualifications from, for example, one of the European, American or Australian specialist colleges. They must also be currently active in their specialty, maintain their specialised knowledge and skills through CPD, and be available for consultations and referrals by veterinary surgeons. Individuals must reapply every five years to remain on the List of Recognised Specialist.

Further information is available from the RCVS website

European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine - Companion Animal (Cardiology)
Diplomates of this college are European recognised specialists in veterinary cardiology, for small animals (dogs and cats). The examination is in two parts:

  • General. This paper covers all aspects of small animal medicine including cardiology
  • Cardiology Certifying. This exam covers the breadth and depth of the candidates' knowledge and expertise in cardiology

For further information, please consult the ECVIM-CA website

American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Cardiology)
Diplomates of this college have received their cardiology training in the USA

Membership runs from the 1st of July until the 30th of June, and costs £20.00 (paid by standing order). All members are entitled to reduced registration rates at VCS meetings. Please complete an amendment mandate to authorise your bank to pay the current subscription of £20.00