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BVOA Autumn meeting 2021

18-20th November

(See below for Plates and screws course)

Unnatural Selection: the Clinical Impact of Breed in Small Animal Orthopaedics.

Course synopsis:-

The last few years have seen a shift in pet demographics: French Bulldogs have all but replaced Labradors as the UK’s favourite breed, Dachshund numbers are on the rise, and UK dog numbers have increased by up to 3 million in the last year (refs: kennel club, Statista). Our clinical caseloads have reflected, or are likely to reflect, these changes, and we want the BVOA membership to be informed and prepared!

The BVOA Autumn Meeting will explore the impact of breed in Small Animal Orthopaedics. We will hear from Mr. Ian Seath, a change-management consultant who also happens to be Director of the Kennel Club and Chairman of the Dachshund Breed Council, amongst other roles. Ian will educate us on the structures and activities of the Kennel Club and breed health societies. We’ll also be joined by Dr. Ian Varley, an exercise physiology expert who will talk to us about genetic factors in human performance and susceptibility to stress fractures. Dr. Dan O’Neill, from the RVC and VetCompass, will help us explore breed and other risk factors for canine joint disease, as well as highlight the value of epidemiology to the veterinary orthopaedic surgeon.

Of course, we will also be joined an impressive array of clinical and clinical-research speakers including Prof. Sorrel Langley-Hobbs, Prof. Eithne Comerford, Prof. Gail Smith (via video link), Dr Ulrike Strohmeier and Mr Mark Lowrie, to explore the impact of breed in susceptibility to orthopaedic diseases, clinical decision-making and our role, as experts in the musculoskeletal health of veterinary patients, in breeding and public education. All the usual conditions will be covered: CCL disease, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, HIF, inherited feline conditions, IVDD…etc!

Ample time will be allowed for discussion, and delegates should arrive armed with their most pressing and probing questions relating to “Unnatural Selection: the Clinical Impact of Breed in Small Animal Orthopaedic



As well as the clinical aspects this will be a great opportunity to meet up with our colleagues after so long away. Full details of the social programme here.

BVOA CPD 17th November 2021 - Nottingham

An Introduction to Fracture Management using Plates and Screws

A highly practical, full day course combining introductory concept and key-skill lectures with ‘hands-on’ Synbone surgery practical sessions under the guidance of approachable and experienced surgeons. This course is aimed at veterinary surgeons with an interest in learning basic screw and plate internal fixation techniques. No previous experience is required, but some background knowledge of orthopaedics would be advantageous.

Timetable here

Registration form here

Spring meeting November 2022


23rd March 2022

Midland Hotel